About Us


We met in a London café called the Thirsty Dragon. After playing a terrible Dragon Heist campaign where Henry sold out the party and killed Annie with his own two hands (for which we can never forgive him), we decided that despite our bad experience we really enjoyed playing together. With Conrad’s radio experience and Naomi’s thirst for a new project we decided to make our next game a podcast. Now we record together in a dingy student flat and have pizza on Sundays. There are never enough clean cups.


Conrad is the long suffering Dungeon Master of Power Word Roll. He started his broadcasting career in student radio and loves old style radio plays. He’s obsessed with creating perfect sound quality and one day hopes to teach us to talk into the mic.
Conrad loves worldbuilding and culture studies. He’s currently studying Anthropology and comes from a long line of academics who all speak multiple languages (Conrad speaks three).
He’s known for being accidentally pretentious and a total sweetheart.


Annie plays Kiya, our confused teenage warlock. Annie’s the moral centre of the group, without her we’d get distracted by shenanigans and never get through the story. Annie works as a lab tech helping teach kids about science and she gets up terribly early.
Annie is heavily involved in lots of D&D and always has the rules on D&D Beyond, as well as our character sheets (unlike ours, hers always have the correct modifiers). Annie’s also an excellent viola player and singer, and hoards dice.
God, she’s got so many dice.


Henry plays Greg, our straight talking Minotaur Chef. He’s the most theatrical member of the party and, when he’s not studying psychology, spends his spare time acting in musicals. Despite being the baby of the group, he’s the one we regularly have to edit out for talking utter filth. Trust me, we’re protecting you.
However Henry is still the funniest of the lot of us and always knows the perfect time for a great character moment. He also sends the dankest of memes.
Henry never brings a pencil.


Naomi plays Ayoun, our fancy swordsmith. Naomi loves telling stories and gets way too invested in the characters. She is most likely to cry when an NPC dies or just in general. Naomi works at a university and mostly teaches old professors how to open their emails.
Her past times include making very bad jokes and knowing exactly how to ruin a dramatic moment by telling a pun and messing up the delivery. Luckily she also helps edit the podcast so you can’t tell.
Naomi always brings a spare pencil.