Where to Start

War and Grease

If you're not sure about us, try this quick one shot. Each epsiode is only 30 minutes so the two part adventure only takes an hour!

This adventure is set in the diesel punk WOTC world of Eberron, where the line between science and magic is blurred. A patriotic robot, a pragmatic shapeshifter and an very earnest postman are sent to the battlefront.

Their actions will change Eberron forever.

Fuel for the Soul

Looking to see what we do best? This Descent into Avernus mini series is only 7 episodes, but it still has all the drama and hilarity we're known for!

Can a florist, a mechanic and a young wizard fuelled by revenge descend into hell and rescue a soul? Or will they forget that this whole mission has a time limit and get stuck there forever?

There's devils, monsters, and a strong mad max vibe in this grittier adventure.

Haflings Bright and Beautiful

Want to get into the main campaign but not sure where to start? Try episode nine!

Our heroes have stolen a piece of the moon to keep it away from those who would misuse it's mind controlling powers. Now they're on the run from a gang, a smuggling band and warlock hunters!

(If you want to start later, we recommend Ep 18: All Washed Up, set in the glass city of Zujaj!)